Liar And Spy by Rebecca Stead


Liar and Spy

This collection of pages is about a boy called Georges( the s is silent) named after Georges Seurat.  Georges father loses his job so Georges’ family has to move into a new flat. When Georges and his father find a crumpled note stuck to their door saying spy meeting- TODAY.Georges dad writes back saying “what time?” As the time appears, Georges curiosity gets the better of him. He finds the spy meeting containing Safer and his sister Candy. Soon Georges finds himself breaking into the unseen but supposedly mysterious Mr X’s flat in the dead of night. When Georges finds out the whole thing is a lie, he is furious. The  book ends with Georges’ mother very sick in hospital but getting better. This book doesn’t  have a very wide plot but personally I really enjoyed it.

Liar And Spy by Rebecca Stead

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