The Mighty Miss Malone by Christopher Paul Curtis


The Mighty Miss Malone

This is about a family with two children and two parents. Jimmie is the oldest of the two kids, and he hasn’t been growing for a long time. Deza Malone, Jimmie’s younger sister is very intelligent but has incredibly bad problems with her teeth, but as the Great Depression has hit Gary, where  the Malones live, neither of  the parents can afford to get a doctor or dentist appointment. On Deza’s birthday Jimmie brings her a crisp, fresh, crunchy, large apple pie. But, his parents guess that he has stolen it. When the father goes on a fishing trip to Lake Michigan, he comes out of the hospital with stitches and a lisp, plus his front teeth are knocked out. This book has a lot of facts like; The Grand Rapids is geogically located 100 miles northeast of Gary. Or that Flint is geogically located sixty miles northwest of Detroit. Did you know that Saignaw is geogically located twenty miles north of Flint. A praise in this book that I really liked is ”Hoping is such hard work. It tires you out and you never seem to get any kind of reward. Hoping feels like you are a balloon with a pinhole slowly leaking  air.” This book is very enjoyable and I hope you get as much out  of it as I did.

The Mighty Miss Malone by Christopher Paul Curtis

One thought on “The Mighty Miss Malone by Christopher Paul Curtis

  1. Jenny and Lola says:

    The writer describes the book so well that I want to read it! Unusual characters and a different historical time frame make this work sound

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