A Small Person Far Away by Judith Kerr

far away
A Small Person Far Away

What a capturing tale. It is like a magnetic bundle of pages, pulling your eyes towards the words. I think that Judith Kerr has described her characters feelings and thoughts really well, as if you are experiencing them yourself. A Small Person Far Away is in the series that includes, Bombs On Aunt Dainty, which you can read my review on. Konrad, an elderly gentleman in this collection of words, actually gives the impression that he is as young as Anna, a young German Jewish refugee. One thing that Judith Kerr is really good at is describing thoughts and feelings, which I have already mentioned, though I feel there is a lack of good character description. If you do read this book then I hope and am positively sure that you will be gripped by its strong and spectacular sentences.

A Small Person Far Away by Judith Kerr

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