Far Rockaway by Charlie Fletcher

Far Rockaway

A captivating bundle of wonderfully put together words. Never in my life have I read another book like it. Its mind- gripping tale has taken me on a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Each time something good occurred, a betrayal or fight that brought the rollercoaster down again. These story twists appealed to me, as I have always enjoyed reading things that I didn’t expect to happen, and The Girl Who Could Fly did just that (you can read my review on this book). One thing, and only one thing that I think Charlie Fletcher could improve if he rewrote this book is having maybe one or two less story twists, as it makes the book seem to have no end, which does have a good side because as this book is so enthralling you wouldn’t want it to stop, but there is a point where I just wanted to see how things turned out, and what things would be solved. Try to imagine a plot that contrasts reality with the magic of words and books, and here is what this tale is all about! If you read this, then I desperately hope you will think it is as amazing as I have. Happy reading!

Far Rockaway by Charlie Fletcher

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