Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah

A brush that sends so-called dirt out to a sea of ambition.  Yen Jun-Ling is born on the streets of China, causing her mother’s death, and despisement from most of her family.  By being a good student, Yen Jun-Ling thrives under loathing and continues on a journey up a mountain to fully transit from thought-to-be-dirt to someone who is thought-to-be-special.

Bless this heartwarming autobiography full to the brim with hope and ambition! Let its grip grasp every child and adult alike, let its message ring out in the ears of all unwanted children, and let all its evocative feeling and landscape description capture you and hurtle you into Yen Jun-Ling’s world.

There are absolutely no faults in Chinese Cinderella so…

I hope you enjoy this book as much I did!

Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah

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