Miss Chopsticks by Xinran

Three, Six and Five are venturing into the realm of Nanjing for the first time. To them, coming from a plain, country lifestyle, Nanjing is enormously bewildering and incredibly different to the country. In their homeland, the three sisters were not only made to feel worthless, but that they would not be able to support a family when they married, just for the trivial and unimportant reason that they were girls. However, this idea is soon to be proved wrong in their household…

Xinran has transferred the lives of three young Chinese girls onto paper, while conveying so clearly that there are many like whom she has written about, made to feel worthless because they are girls. Now that I am reflecting upon it, I realize that as Xinran writes in second person, she is not allowing herself to give the character’s emotions from their point of view, which may improve the story. Though Xinran cannot do this, she is enabling herself to write things about the characters that would seem awkward if the book was not written in second person. For the reason that Three, Six and Five are so uneducated it is very difficult to identify with them, which I always find a little bit annoying  as I like to be able to identify with people and characters. Miss Chopsticks was originally written in Chinese, but was translated into English. As it does contain quite a few words about matters that are very unsuitable to children, I would recommend it to any child above the age of ten. Though unfortunate, these words are entirely relevant to the subject of the book, and forgetting this mere problem, I found Miss Chopsticks amazing, while it’s true happenings shock me but are also the biggest reason of why it is so gripping. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

Miss Chopsticks by Xinran

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