Spooked: The Haunting of Kit Connelly by Paul Bryers

Dear Readers,

I happen to be acquainted with the author of this tale, Paul Bryers. He presented me with this book, submitting it for review, and signed it. Enjoy the review!

If you knew you were going to die in a matter of a few years, and were haunted by the figure that would be you before you died, what exactly would you do?

For Kit Connelly, this question is not optional, it’s her life(/death) story. But she decides to do something rather unexpected. She decides to save the environment.  This leads to an international children’s conference, the slightly psycho Leo Lyall and the discovery of the most shocking secrets Kit Connelly will ever know…

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It hit the perfect note of a good yarn with a mingle of creepy weirdness that makes your insides churn and an original, creative plot with a small twist to add a little extra ‘spice’ to it. The book was expertly pulled off, and, as I do not normally go in for ‘ghost’ stories, the fact that it made a deep imprint on my ‘good books’ list is very creditable.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

P.S. Thank you to Paul Bryers for investing so much time and effort in Librarian Heaven.

Spooked: The Haunting of Kit Connelly by Paul Bryers

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