Just Henry by Michelle Magorian

I am Henry. Just Henry. Not Henry Carpenter, or Henry Dodge, just Henry. I star in this 703 paged tale, just like the actors on the big screen…

I meet Mrs Beaumont, an amiable lady who takes me into films, and she loans me a camera. Photos spatter my life. Then I develop them. Then I see the furtive man hanging around me in some of the photos. Then I find out he’s my dad.

I thought he was a war hero. I thought he was amazing. I thought he was dead.

This was a once in a lifetime plot. It was original, well thought and dynamic. Every single page was relevant, though, in hindsight, the beginning was slightly long-winded. However, whilst reading it I did not notice as small events littered this part. Perhaps such a long introduction to Henry’s life was not compulsory. Some might feel, though, that the page number was off-putting, and others may feel that the end and resolution was too fast paced. However, had the ending been slower, I would have bored of Henry’s adventures and I feel that Magorian mixed up in her scrumptious book broth, the perfect pace of an ending.

I hope (and know) you will enjoy this book as much as I did!




Just Henry by Michelle Magorian

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