Back Home by Michelle Magorian

My name is Rusty. I’m American. My name is Virginia. I am English.

For Rusty/Virginia, coming home to England after being evacuated to America for five years, is a blow. She isn’t used to the discipline¬†, the way of life, the way you are supposed to speak. She can’t be Rusty anymore, she has to be Virginia…

Thrust into boarding school, she is shunned because of her accent, said to be stupid because she doesn’t know English subjects, and her order mark list is shocking. She takes to creeping out of the dormitory at night, and climbing down the scaffolding, to meet Lance, a boy also evacuated to America. But now that Lance is slowly slipping away from their friendship, and the scaffolding Virginia climbs down to be Rusty again is going to be taken down, she has had enough.

This book mainly focused on how Rusty was in the middle of a tug of war, between her American side, and her English name. I didn’t find it anything special. The book was just focused on the plot. Not really anything going on around it, just the plot.

Back Home by Michelle Magorian

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