Noah Barleywater Ran Away by John Boyne

Noah Barleywater is running away from something he can’t run away from.

Upon reaching the queerest house, Noah Barleywater learns a lesson he will never forget. Invited inside, Noah realises that the place is a toy shop. The old man of the shop leads him upstairs, where Noah learns the story behind every puppet… and learns the lesson he must hear.

Noah Barleywater Runs Away is typical of John Boyne. With a creatively tinged plot, a ponderous protagonist, and a dilemma for the main character. What delighted me most was the quirky story twist at the end, for it made sense of everything in the book and tied up the strands of the tale perfectly.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

Noah Barleywater Ran Away by John Boyne

One thought on “Noah Barleywater Ran Away by John Boyne

  1. jennifergrunschlag says:

    This sounds like an unusual book. I am glad you brought to my attention. Not enough details are given; such as why he ran away, and what the puppets represent. Do you think this would be a good book for an 11 year old boy? I enjoy all your excellent reviews!

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