Forest of the Pygmies by Isabel Allende

Kate, Alex and Nadia are on an elephant led safari – in Africa. But on their return, their plane crashes on an island. With Ngoube near, the missionary travelling with them persuades the party to take him there, as two other missionaries are there, but have not been responding to contact. Ngoube is the home of the Pygmies, the tribe tyrannized over by the ruler of the island. The tribe that have been waiting for somebody to help them revolt. The somebodies that are Alex and Nadia.

Isabel Allende captures me with her setting in Africa. The culture, the amulets, the voodoo and the ceremonies make the book come alive with vibrant difference. Also, Allende describes the clothes of the Africans so well that I can picture the complicated designs and jewellery in my mind.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

Forest of the Pygmies by Isabel Allende

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