Now by Morris Gleitzman

Now Felix is old. Old from his experiences, old from his life, and old from age. He has a grandaughter now. Zelda. She thinks he is amazing. But Felix knows he isn’t. And now, in the midst of a raging fire, he knows that he doesn’t want to repeat history. He doesn’t want to repeat what happened to the other Zelda.

This is told from Zelda’s perspective. The fault I find is that it means that if Zelda thinks something about Felix, and uses it to answer a question, I cannot take for granted that it is true. For example, at one stage Zelda finds her Grandfather troubled over something, but does not ask him why and thinks up her own theory.  I cannot tell if it is true as Felix does not say so, but yet it is not mentioned again in the story. I found this very vexing. However, I liked how Felix’s past is incorporated into the book. Also, I found the idea of Felix’s life being told in the stages Once, Then, After and Now very original. These stages were the titles of each book, and were relevant to what time of Felix’s life it is.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Now by Morris Gleitzman

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