Impossible! by Michelle Magorian

Josie is a girl who wishes she was a boy. That’s why she cuts her hair – to audition for more boy’s parts in plays. And that’s how she gets kidnapped under the wrong identity- she is mistaken for a boy called Larry Carpenter.

On the run from the kidnappers, Josie takes cover, with a new-found friend, in the Theatre Royal where the legendary Joan Littlewood produces her plays. This kind of acting Josie’s stage school does not approve of. This kind of acting thrills Josie to the very core.

But even as she dives into the world of performing, Josie is not safe. Even as she is watched and protected by police, she is not safe. These kidnappers are ruthless, reckless, and dangerous.

My main reason for reading this book was that Michelle Magorian wrote it. However, I found the story a let-down. The plot was drawn out for too long and seemed to be building up to nothing, to be going nowhere. Furthermore, even the thrilling escapes Josie made were dampened for me. So many times did the protagonist make a lucky escape that after a while these little adventures became monotonous and did not carry the same thrill and excitement as before.

Aside from this, however, the book was gripping most of the time and I found the incorporation of character’s from Magorian’s other book, ‘Just Henry’, clever and amusing.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

Impossible! by Michelle Magorian

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