Close to the Wind by Jon Walter

Malik is on the run in a country that has been torn apart. Together with his grandfather he has left his home and mother. The only way out of his desperate situation is by a boat on which tickets are few and far between. Malik’s grandfather has been able to get the two of them tickets. Malik is one of the lucky ones. But his ticket came at a huge cost.

The setting of this book was unique and original. The name of the country is not mentioned and few details are given about it. The names of the characters do not give many clues as to where the book is set, however, this adds an aura of mystery. Also, the book begins in the midst of a crisis, although it is not stated whether this crisis is a war, revolt or invasion. Another aspect of the book that was so original was the absoloute desperation of the people to get on that boat. It is not mentioned where the boat is taking them or why tickets are so coveted. This makes you keep on reading out of desire to know more details and is very cleverly done. These sort of omission techniques are not used very often but they are a skilful way to keep readers intrigued. However, my one criticism is that the book ended very abruptly and the resolution and ending did not seem to fit in with the plot and was not spent enough time upon. I would still highly recommend this to any eight year old and up.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

Close to the Wind by Jon Walter

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