Heaven Eyes by David Almond

Erin, January and Mouse all live in a home for ‘damaged’ children, whose parents cannot care for them. They are always trying to escape – and always being brought back. But this time, January manages to build a raft out of three old doors. Now the children have found a new way to escape – down the river. Yet now they must encounter the treacherous Black Middens, with its thick heavy mud that pulls you under the surface. But the children are lucky. They manage to drag themselves onto land. There, they take refuge in an old printing press – where they meet the two mysterious inhabitants of the building, Grampa and Heaven Eyes. And now they must all prepare to learn lessons they won’t forget, to find out the truth about themselves, and for the most abnormal experiences of their lives.

Heaven Eyes is a magical book – but it could not be called a fantasy. And this is the triumph of the writing. For the thing that thrilled me most was that whatever paranormal happenings occured, there was still a large element of real life. This made the reader feel that the story could have happened, that it might have been true. Another thing that I loved about ‘Heaven Eyes’ is the strangeness of the entire plot. A printing press next to a river that is filled with mud that can drown you. A girl named Heaven Eyes with webbed fingers that was supposedly found floating in the Black Middens. The story is original, creative but yet it does not seem that the happenings in the book were randomly chosen to give an air of strangeness and magic. I could not criticise anything, and I would highly recommend this story to anyone who is interested.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

Heaven Eyes by David Almond

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