Alex Rider Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz

Get ready to be plunged into this book like an airplane into deadly swamps! Prepare yourself to be grabbed and shaken by extraordinary possibilities when you read Alex Rider Skeleton Key.

When Alex Rider, a spy manipulated by the MI6, agrees to take a job as a ball boy at Wimbledon tennis courts, he finds himself assaulting some one from a band of deadly criminals. Alex  is now trying to unravel the ball of string plot that General Sarov has so carefully  wound. Will Alex Rider be able to stop something so big that it will go down as a record for the youngest boy ever to do in spy history?

This is the way the best adventure books should be written. The Alex Rider series, especially Skeleton Key, have a wide range of characters and settings, making the plot more creative and original. The story itself is like a winding path, with dozens of twists and turns, so that you can’t guess what happens next, but that is what I really loved about this book. If you like adventure, then the Alex Rider series are the perfect books for you. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

Alex Rider Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz

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