Bridge Of Time by Lewis Buzbee

Brace yourself to be tossed around from one period of time to another on Lee, Joan and Sam’s thrilling adventure.

Lee and Joan are desperate to talk to each other about their parents new divorce, but when both fall asleep in a lighthouse at Fort Point they fall through time into 1864. There the two children meet Sam Clemens, the soon to be Mark Twain. What things will Lee, Joan and Sam see in the future or past? Who is the mysterious character following Sam? When are they is a question that Lee and Joan will ask many times, but how many times will both of them need to ask it?

Bridge Of Time has a very original plot, but my favourite thing about it is that although time travelling is a common subject to write about, Lewis Buzbee has managed to paint over the old way it is written about and made me look at it in a whole fresh, new way. Although some points of this book contain gripping and enjoyable reading, I wouldn’t put it down as one of my favourites. Some parts in Bridge Of Time can be a little confusing, but if you read through them slowly, they become easier to understand. To summarise this, I would say that Bridge Of Time is quite exhilerating but also at times, what was happening seemed puzzling to me.

Bridge Of Time by Lewis Buzbee

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