The Swish Of The Curtain by Pamela Brown

Sandra and Madelaine Fayne, Lynette and Jeremy Darwin are all citizens of Fenchester, living a normal life. Then one day Vicktoria, Nigel and Percy Halford come. All seven meet each other and make firm friends, but when life starts to get boring, the vicar’s wife proposes that they start a dramatic club. The idea is greeted with excitement and the children are soon becoming quite famous in Fenchester for their plays. But all the parents except Mrs Halford, who used to be a dancer, put their foot down when the children ask to go to a dramatic school. So desperate measures have to be taken. Will the Blue Door Theatre Company (as the children have called themselves) continue to be able to perform plays?

The Swish Of The Curtain has a mix of everything except adventure, so if you are a person who only likes reading adventure, then this might not be the right book for you. Metaphors have been left out a lot in this story, but then again it is quite hard to find places to include them. One of my favourite things about this book is that humour has been included, but only little bits that make you laugh and feel as if you know the character as well as your family. This collection of sentences is something that you can just pick up and start reading. The best thing about this book for me is that you get to see what its like for amateur actors behind the scenes and what kind of troubles they encounter before shows. The real moral of this story is that if you just face up to a problem then you must stay looking at it in the eyes and try to find a way to smooth it out again, because eventually the problem will be solved. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

The Swish Of The Curtain by Pamela Brown

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