Alex Rider Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz

Strap yourself in for a rocky ride as you travel through the pages of Eagle Strike.

Far from England in the South of France, Alex Rider’s peaceful holiday is interrupted by the sighting of Yassen Gregorovich, an arch enemy killer. A journalist dead, Sabina Pleasure kidnapped, and a pop-singer. Does any of that link with anything? From poisonous snakes to men with guns, Alex Rider is on a mission to deceive them all. But on his gripping adventure, Alex also has to find answers to his questions. Who is Damian Cray really? Why has Sabina been taken? But the biggest question of all: What is Eagle Strike? The question for readers of this bundle of paragraphs: which choice will the young spy take in the biggest dilemma of his life.

When you read Eagle Strike (Alex Rider), surprises pop out like fireworks. The drama in each book involving Alex (including this one) is so well written that my heart beats ten times faster than usual when I am going through dramatic parts in the story. I would definitely recommend Alex Rider to adventure lovers, and if you are looking for unusual places, than the whole Alex Rider series will fit you like a glove. Eagle Strike captivated me, then shocked me when I realized the truth about Yassen. Turn the pages that Anthony Horowitz has typed his story on, and prepare yourself to be embraced in a spinning world of spies and murderers. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

Alex Rider Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz

2 thoughts on “Alex Rider Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz

  1. Alex Rider Eagle Strike sounds like an exciting adventure story!
    I will definitely try to read it..but I hope my heart doesn’t beat quite as
    fast as yours did,since I am much older! If you rent movies I would
    suggest “Raiders of the lost Ark” which is so filled with amazing
    adventure that you almost hold your breath the whole time watching

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