Lionboy: The Chase by Zizou Corder

Be prepared to be hooked onto Lionboy: The Chase like a fish on a fishing line.

Charlie Ashanti is contented, for now. Relaxing luxuriously under the care of King Boris from Bulgaria – why shouldn’t he be? But Charlie still has two missions to accomplish, finding his parents and taking six breath snatching lions back to their homeland. Imprisoned by Edward, King Boris’ security guard Charlie and the lions, now accompanied by Primo, a sabre toothed creature constructed from fosilised DNA, devise an escape plan that involves many more people than you could imagine…

With an original setting that rivals even the Alex Rider series ( you can read my reviews on them), Lionboy: The Chase has a plot as wide a room, and is the second book in the Lionboy series by Zizou Corder. There are numerous changes to where Charlie has to travel to meet his parents, and each time he goes to the wrong place, my mind says ‘No! No! Charlie, your parents are in that place!’ To conclude that, I would comment that Zizou Corder has done an excellent job in making me feel different emotions, in this instance, annoyed for Charlie because he went to the wrong place so he couldn’t see his parents as they weren’t in that place.

Lionboy: The Chase by Zizou Corder

One thought on “Lionboy: The Chase by Zizou Corder

  1. Lions and sabre-toothed creatures are not the safest travel companions.
    But Charlie obviously lives a life filled with adventure, not ordinary like most of us! Thanks for bringing this series to our attention.

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