Picture Perfect by Holly Smale

Harriet has moved to New York – not the celebrity sprinkled city, but the dull Greenways suburbs. Her family are too busy to remember her sixteenth birthday, she discovers that her boyfriend doesn’t love her, so what else is a girl to do? Harriet Manners runs away. She runs back to modelling, back to photo shoots, and away from her family and her boyfriend. But those are the people she needs most…

I found that Harriet’s home life being incorporated into the book made it more interesting. Yet, this was incorporated so much that I began to feel that this was what the book was about rather than Harriet’s modelling career. However, the fact that that Harriet moved to New York was an interesting change of setting from the other books in the series, Geek Girl and Model Misfit.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Picture Perfect by Holly Smale

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