The Fair to Middling by Arthur Calder Marshall

fair to middling

The Winterbottome school is not normal. Each child there has a different disability. Lawrence Hudson, who was an albino. Peter Ambrose, who was almost blind. And Emma Smith, who was colour blind. Each wishes to rid themselves of their disability, and each, at a fair, gets the chance. But will they take it…

Every pupil and teacher encountered a strange person or place at the Fair to Middling. Some of these encounters were so strange that they seemed to be very random and with no connection to the book. In a few instances, I thought that their meaning would be explained at the end of the book. The ending, in fact, disappointed me. It didn’t tie up all these loose ends, and focused on a character of no great importance. For these reasons, I found that the book bore a very similar resemblance to a short story, in which a group of children go out, have some adventures, come home and that’s the end of it. However, I did find a high standard of description and I was able to empathise with the characters.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

The Fair to Middling by Arthur Calder Marshall

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