The One Dollar Horse by Lauren St John

When Casey Blue buys a mistreated, misbehaved horse with one American dollar, she doesn’t consider what she’s taking on. Casey’s ambition is to get to the Badminton competition with a winning horse. And that mistreated, misbehaved horse is it.

But Casey is in for a challenge. Because a love life, a criminal father and an abused horse don’t normally go together at the Badminton.

This story is touching, gripping and original. The bond between Casey and her horse is clearly emphasised and the activities of Casey’s criminal father provide a distraction from Casey’s life with her horse and trainer as well as making the book more interesting and unique. However, I found was that Casey’s competitions leading up to the Badminton could have been detailed more, as I thought that they were skimmed over a little bit. Furthermore, I thought that the description of the horses could have been better.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

The One Dollar Horse by Lauren St John

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