A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E by Malorie Blackman

Elliot’s mum is a secretary. A boring, ordinary secretary. Or not. When she and Elliot’s uncle are arrested for breaking into another company’s laboratory, Elliot knows he has to save them. But the only proof he has is on his mum’s phone, in the files that need a password. A password that is almost impossible to crack.

Elliot is soon involved in an adventure he wish he’d never had. An adventure in which the real truth is uncovered.

This book has an original plot and incorporates technology to make the book even more interesting. However, I found that it could be improved by a higher level of and more description. As well as this, I thought that perhaps the activities of the two companies in the book could be explained in more detail, as I feel that the book was lacking information about some of the main factors of its plot. There is no bad language and I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading about science and technology.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E by Malorie Blackman

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