War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

Joey is bought when a young colt. Taken to an unknown farm, he develops under the care of a young boy called Albert. Albert’s father is often drunk and treats Joey harshly. But Albert and Joey thrive next to each other. Then war breaks out. And changes their lives forever.

Unable to pay the mortgage, Albert’s father sells Joey to the army. Albert, too young to enlist, is heartbroken, but vows that he and Joey will be reunited someday.

In the army, Joey befriends a black horse called Topthorn. Together they pull guns and ambulances. Two years pass. Albert is now old enough to enlist, in the hope that he and Joey will be reunited. Day after day in that terrible war, tragedies etched onto each one’s lives – will Albert and Joey ever see each other again?

This story reflects the deep friendship of a horse and his master, a friendship and bond that stays strong through the horrors of the war. The plot is beautiful and there is no bad language used. The real jewel of this book is the way the war is so cleverly linked to the plot. If the book was only about the friendship of Albert and Joey, it would become monotonous, however the introduction of the war is a change of setting, scene and characters. I would recommend this for a seven year old and up, as although the writing is not difficult to understand, it may be difficult for a young child to fully grasp the plot.

I  hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

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